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                  Oversea Project Of Zongheng Culture

                  Zongheng Culture registered that US subsidiary and Hong Kong subsidiary in March 2018, and established long-term cooperation relations with Wuxia World, Gravity and other overseas website in early stage, actively exploring the electronic reading market in North America and Southeast Asia.

                  Establishment of North American Company

                  In August 2018, the North American branch was officially established in Bellevue, USA.

                  Organizational Structure
                  Novels Authorization

                  Up to now, the authorized and translated literary works include more than 100 works, including Emperor Changning, Yuan Zun, Jian Lai, Strongest Maniac Soldier and so on, involving English, Thai, Korean, French and other languages.


                  Since its launch in January 2019,TapRead aims to build the largest online web novel platform and community in the world.

                  TapRead focus on providing high-quality fantasy and mystical stories to millions of readers in global market. TapRead also have reliable cross-platform website to provide outstanding reading experience to our readers. The TapRead project has translated more than 100 novels and cartoons, serving 180 countries and regions. The main exporting countries and regions are the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Singapore and so on. There are more than one million users.

                  As an international brand and platform, TapRead always looks forward to collaborating with worldwide potential partners. In the past few years, TapRead has built close relationships with many business partners in the world.

                  In the next few years, TapRead is going to plan to develop from Chinese only site to multi-language ones and provide reading sevice to more and more readers all over the world.

                  Enjoy Reading in Novel World!